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This follows the 4 step level design by first introducing the player to the jumping ability as well as the ability to collect coins.

Next is development. For this, I introduced spikes which act as obstacles that can make the player restart from the beginning of the level.

Next is the twist. For the whole level, the player has been jumping over grass blocks and using them to avoid the spikes. Now they need to use their jumping ability and control to avoid spikes on the ground, including a double spike which will require skills learned in the level.

After clearing the ground spikes, the player can enjoy one final jump and a nice coin reward. They'll reach the house and have the option to restart the level.

Full credit for tutorials goes to YouTubers Brackeys, acem003, Alexander Zotov and SemplicePC. Credit for sprite art goes to ANIMUZ and BAYAT GAMES.


Fox's Journey Home Files.zip 14 MB

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